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Nursing Medication Rooms

*All surfaces countertops, trash bins, medication carts, code carts, exterior of sharps containers, and all recycle return bins
*Expiration date checking of all floor stock medications, supplies and IV fluids
*Medication refrigerators, freezer tops, backs, bottoms, inside clean to perfection
*Pill cutters, cactus, cabinets, medication cassettes are steam cleaned to brand new

kiss cleaning service

Clean Rooms/Non-Clean Rooms

*Check expiration dates for medications
*Check expiration dates for IV fluids
*Check expiration date for all IV supplies
*Clean walls, ceilings, doors, and mop floors
*Clean & disinfect all brands of Biosafety cabinets (hoods)
*Empty, Clean, sanitize all storage bins, including unit dose medication bins
*Perform GroMed test to ensure terminal cleaning successful


*Automated Dispensing Cabinets
*Baxter exactamix
*Dose Edge
*Pre-packager machines (Cadet, Euclid)
*Swiss log pneumatic tube

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